Recruitment and selection go hand in hand when you appoint personnel.

But selection is the more challenging of the two – especially with senior appointments.

What is it that you really want in the right candidate?

Is integrity the most important indicator of achievement/success? Or is it strategic thinking, or leadership (if there could ever be consensus about the nature of leadership and how it can be measured), or ambition, or emotional intelligence? Is vision or industry knowledge more important than analytical thinking or interpersonal skills or a focus on core values? Could stress handling weigh stronger than conflict management, or communication stronger than change management? Can past successes still predict future achievements, or should one rather trust one’s gut feel? And how do you determine the importance of a candidate’s personal motivation, social style and team building skills? What is the role of his passion for operational excellence or his numeric skills? Don’t we sometimes confuse a candidate’s knowledge with insight, or his experience with talent? Can you really sum someone up correctly?

The selection process is a minefield of confusion and wrong conclusions.

Fortunately science offers us techniques, supported by psychometrics, for a valid and reliable measurement of behaviour – techniques that we use in our high level precision selection. The risks of appointing the wrong person are substantially reduced through our process.

  • This, coupled with our academic training and vast experience in succesful placements, is your guarantee for the maximum yield on your investment in recruitment and selection.

Our selection models are time efficient and to the point. They are also specifically targeted to the success variables for each senior level position.

Whether you are looking for a managing director, a chief executive or a specialist, we can penetrate to the core of your needs and find you exactly the right person, fast and affordably.